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Kenneth Thomas

Kenneth Thomas

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It’s not uncommon to leave one of Kenneth Thomas’s shows feeling like you just had one of the most magical encounters of your life. Hailing out of Detroit, this DJ/Producer/Label Owner understands how to read a crowd, lock them in and deliver them a musical set that changes their hearts forever.

Music has always been a spiritual place for Kenneth and because the depth of dance music goes well beyond the conscious level, there's an underlying exploration of emotion in every set and track. As a performer and producer, he has the ability to blend and explore from the deepest wells of dance music. Mixed between the big room melodies, you find tweaky electro edges, tech fueled moments and charging baselines J some call it Trance, others may call it Progressive. We call it an incredible journey that has every crowd on their feet with smiles on their faces and hands in the air.

When not on the road or setting up his own label parties in Detroit, Kenneth is creating and discovering new sounds in the studio. While some early singles charted the top 10 on Beatport such as “Ghost In The Machine” and “The Orange Room,” his more recent releases he calls some of ‘the best work he’s ever done.’ It’s true that every craftsman gets better with time and Kenneth does not disappoint. In the past year he has put out incredible releases that include ‘All Shades Of Sky,’ ‘The Fade,’ ‘The Promise,’ ‘The Shoreline’ and ‘Light These Chords,’ among others. All of them have seen massive support from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Solarstone and Paul Oakenfold. While still working with big labels such as Perfecto, he also focuses on putting out as much music as possible on his own imprint IAMPHOENIX.

With the uncanny charisma of a rock star, KT knows how to put on an awe inspiring performance that allows him to communicate with his audience on a unique level. The focus has never changed since day one as he says, "This is the most amazing sound I have ever encountered4 I just want to share it with as many people as possible."